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With a reputation for flawless musicianship and for writing music that sets off a song to perfection, it's no surprise that Ben Walker is in demand. Hailed by Total Guitar magazine as one of 'the best acoustic guitarists in the world right now', a master of intricate and subtle fingerstyle, he sounds like no-one else. 
Equally respected for his work as a composer: writing, arranging and producing music for himself and many others, reviewers have described his work as 'thoughtful' (Guardian), 'deft' (Telegraph) and even 'legendary' (Morning Star). 
His exquisite guitar and string arrangements are most often on display as half of multi-award winning folk duo Josienne Clarke and Ben Walker, signed to Rough Trade Records. 


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Ben's workshops for guitarists (intermediate and advanced) interested in learning new and complex techniques are always very well received. To find out about the latest dates, sign up to the mailing list.


If you would like to talk about working with Ben as an arranger or a featured artist on your music, you can get in touch here -


Ben's professional studio in Brighton holds everything and anything a singer-songwriter might need to produce their album or EP. Ben's skill is in creating sounds that fit perfectly with the spirit of the song. If you are interested in recording with Ben, you can get in touch here. 

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